People are the prettiest when they talk with passion in their eyes.

Beauty was an elusive golden promise when I was a child (i.e. puberty saved my life). And since I didn’t have it, I spent a lot of time searching for it. Enough time to have tried and tested what most would say are the standard equations to beauty. After all these years, all I can say is that when someone approaches you, no matter how beautifully put together, with a vacant expression, their beauty somehow diminishes. Like a cup of cappuccino, the froth quickly dissipates to reveal a sad little puddle of expresso. But what happens when someone approaches you, regardless of their superficial fortune, with passion in their eyes? Once they have your attention, you’ll never turn away.

I truly believe that passion is what inspires, creates and sustains. That’s why it’s so beautiful…

So, to all the li’l boy and girls who want to be beautiful. Paint a smile, wear passion & #BedazzleForLife


People are the …

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What’s a nice way of saying no without hurting someone feelings? While we’re at it, what’s a nice way of saying no without injuring your career? #HazzardsOfBeingAGirl

Every girl I know has had to deal with undesired attention. It’s flattering and you try to be grateful and courteous until you feel a little trapped by your own politeness.

Worse case scenario: This happens at a place of work.

Still worse case scenario: When you sincerely describe the situation to someone, they point out that you brought it on yourself! You picture smacking them across the head and saying, ‘Oh! Thank you very much. I have no perception of reality so I’m glad you told me so. I’m sorry I was brought up with good manners. Let me go, rewind time and ask this normal person to &#%&(@^#&#*&.’

It can still get worse (!) case scenario: People around you think of this person as harmless (which is probably true) and think you are being big headed about your own importance (probably true in a way, as well).

How can it possibly get worse still (?) case scenario: It happens with someone who can probably help you/ mentor you/ assist you in your chosen path. Higher stakes? This person is the link between you and your six-figure paycheck. [OK, this more of a theoretical question]

So, I ask you, vigilant reader, how do you sensitively divert the attention of someone who is not a bad person, not aggressive, not mean & probably a good person? How do you do it without hurting their egos and your conscience? How do you do it without bad karma?

What’s a nice w…

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Futurist Ray Kurzweil has made a striking new prediction: 2029 is the year computers will surpass human intelligence. At that point, they’ll be able to make jokes, learn from experience and even flirt, he says.

A random birth of a dinosaur, a lost plane and predictions of a Wall-e-esque future. Red flags? Hello?! I think so!

Futurist Ray Ku…

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“Machines are for answers; humans are for questions. The world that Google is constructing—a world of cheap and free answers—having answers is not going to be very significant or important. Having a really great question will be where all the value is.”
— Kevin Kelly

“Machines are f…

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Just Another Dollar Spent

Bite Sized Business Card

Bite Sized Business Card

Got my business cards and to my dismay… they we’re bite sized… and well…. barely readable…. *tears* #AskForProofsBeforeYouPay

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Throwback thursdays reminded me of the times I would fill all my internet forms with fake data and then forget to note it down. I don’t remember how many email accounts I opened under forgotten aliases…. :P

Throwback thurs…

To not loose poetry in favor of uncut reality… that is my wish for storytellers today…

To not loose po…

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