Opportunities Lost

I never felt the need to take pictures growing up because it was not exactly a time of my life I wanted to capture.

I’m glad I didn’t because it makes me more ‘in the moment’ now. I hate it when people around me freeze moments so they can capture it on film. And the multi click button is a monster! How many minutes of our precious present have we spent deleting repetitions of shots that could have been captured through care in the first place?

Living in LA I am practically surrounded by what I call ‘camera friends’. People who are much cooler, prettier and funnier on camera than in life. I admit I had a brief period when I caught that LA bug but I think my last bout of strep throat coughed it out of me (thank the guiding forces of the universe!). ;P

I love the camera, when used strategically. It’s powerful tool and can change your life. As long as you don’t compromise the quality of your present to achieve the perfect click. And as long as your not playing the memory game where things are captured in hyperbole. 

After all, when something seems more fun on celluloid than in reality, that’s an opportunity lost, don’t you think? 

<3 Shilpa

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Good Chap Charlie

“As I began to love myself, I freed myself of anything that is no good for me—food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism. Today I know it as love of oneself.” Charlie Chaplin

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Art Smart

Whether your art ends up concealed behind bulletproof glass or above a commode has a lot to do with your level of offense to the general population at a given time. Unless you’re dead. Then you have time on your side. [Pun acknowledged.] <3 Shilpa

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Bubble Wrap

Like a pillow on a bed of lava,

Or a sheet on a berg of ice,

Like a dance of a single snowflake,

Or a single grain of a rice,

No equation, no lens,

Can destroy these spots that blind,

No intent, no purpose,

No treasure, a map may find.

Lifetimes spent on missions,

To see ourselves as projections.

But our stories are capped,

Like a pop on a bubble wrap.

Like a pop on a bubble wrap.

– Shilpa Tripathi

I had a moment of lamentation. Bear with me. <3

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A Clue

I often feel that the complex thought processes that make us all valuable in the web of this world gets glossed in so many coats of vernier that most of them fizzle without a flame.

It’s terrible when the ideas that tickle our ambitions are edited to the point where the end product is merely a sliver of the original idea.

So what if they wouldn’t be accepted or celebrated by the masses? So what if they would be deemed as a mistake?

If a mistake is not a misdeed, it’s a clue.

<3 Shilpa

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Fall In Love With As Many Things As Possible

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with as many things as possible. But start with yourself first. Give yourself a hug, a kiss and tell urself how much you love you. Because I’ve learnt that if you don’t love yourself, you can never give all of yourself to any of your passions. And passions make this world such a beautiful place to live in!!

I hope all of you spread the love to every person, pet and thing around you. I hope it expands to a great sort of love. A love like that of the sun and the earth. One that keeps giving warmth every day without asking anything in return….

This Valentine’s Day…

I hope you love…


<3 Shilpa

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It’s The New Year Girl… Bake Better

I remember being coached by my Idol a few years ago. She said,”You and me are similar because we have one thing that no one can buy or learn. We’re attractive. We’re not encumbered by beauty. We’re empowered by it. When you learn, Shilpa, how to charge a room by your sheer presence. That day you would have learnt the true power of this attractiveness. That, my dear, will come with age.”

To this day, I wonder when I will develop these super-powers. Maybe it’ll hit me like a lightening bolt. Maybe it’ll creep up on me like a habit… (Can’t wait for them to unleash though….if you know what I mean…:P XD)


I hope that whichever girl reads my ex-coach’s words really lets them sink in.

I hope that beauty is only the frosting on your cake.

I hope that the ingredients that make you who you are, are sustainable, fearless, powerful and tell an incredible story.

And if they’re not, dump them.

You have a brand new year to start over!

Happy 2015!! <3 Shilpa

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Inspiration board

What get’s me going except for a double shot of espresso?

Here’s a taster :D


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